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Astrology is an ancient knowledge that basically analyzes the position of the planets at the exact time of birth of the individual. So the map or chart is formed. The birth chart of a person is unique and unrepeatable and could resemble a map of all the container path potential capabilities that the person has as an opportunity to develop and conflicts with which will face.

The energy patterns symbolized in the natal chart through the signs (energetic qualities) and houses (scenes of life) are like impressions that shape the individual according to their social, historical and cultural environment, determining the relationship with yourself and the world around him. Though the individual has an important role in how they experience different life situations, Astrology reveals how the fate of an individual is molded and subordinated to experiences that will move to their learning and development. Most of us exclude those aspects of our personality that draw us to identify with those better known and accepted (by ourselves and others) parts. This produces destination, and know that everything ourselves, comes our way as an opportunity to integrate it as their own.

Therefore, the most important function of the Astrologer is to help the individual to discover new ways to relate to those parts still unaware that delving into rejecting both of himself and others. Thus, to investigate the strengths and contradictions, the next time you are faced with certain archetypal figures in the outer life, the answers will not necessarily be so irrational and automatic.

We provides astrological consultancy services through the completion of the natal chart, solar revolution, comparative analysis of the chart.

The birth chart is the picture of the sky moment when a person is born. To do it, you must have the date, time and place of birth. This symbolic representation is recorded at the time of the first breath of the individual, at the being begins to move their life cycle link. reading the chart is the interpretation of the most important energy aspects of the consultant. The natal chart brings us information about all that the person has consciously incorporated into your life, and also brings us information about those other things he has not yet expressed, unknown aspects of yourself and that, somehow, are determining their destination. Contribution of the chart is to expand our capacity for perception about ourselves and those around us, thereby increasing the deployment of our energies throughout our lives.

The Solar Revolution is held annually and includes analysis of cycles and major transits. This calculation is taken to the instant when the sun returns to the same position it was at the time of birth in the letter consultant. While birth we enter the letter set and energy, not deploy in time, solar return, the consultant observed this time. In this interview the focus is on the current transits and cycles, as well as the predominant energy predisposition. Recommend performing solar revolution around the time of birth, the strength to harness that energy that has time. To realize it is necessary to have previously made ??a letter.

The comparative analysis of chart reading consists of two or more natal charts with their commonalities. It is extremely useful for basic family as well as couples, labor relations and conflicting links. This consultation can be done individually or in groups.

Astrology is a tool that can help you make better decisions in life. A correct interpretation of heaven holds the truths about human nature.

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