Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi and Rituals

As Karva Chauth is coming, so, today we are sharing Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi and Rituals today.

One of the most prestigious festival is coming its way on 27th October 2018 which is Karva Chauth. A festival for the married women’s or we can say suhagan’s to celebrate their love for their husband by fasting for the whole day without a drop of water or food. The fast is performed for the wellbeing and longevity of their husbands. Well this is a way by which a women’s express her gratitude and love for her partner. Even the fast can also be performed by the unmarried girls to get the ideal partner for them. As per the Hindu rituals, the fast begins at the Sun Rise and ends by offering an Ark (Ardhya) to the karva chauth Moon late in the night. This festival is known as the nirjals vrat where as per the rituals women’s are not allowed to even drink water during the whole day.

If you are a new bride or you are not aware of the karwa chauth rituals and vidhi of its vrat then today we have specially compose the rituals and vidhi for you.

What are the rituals and vrat vidhi of Karva Chauth?

The celebrations start with buying of new dresses, gems and beauty care products by ladies. Alongside that they likewise buy Puja things, Karva (an earthen pot), Henna (Mehandi) and different propitious things. Nowadays, every one of these things are accessible in wonderful bundles in the market. It is must to have meshed on the occasion of karva chauth as mostly a day before the festival women’s apply meshed on their hands. Read out below to know the Karva Chauth Vrat Vidhi.

The ceremonies of the day start with eating Sargi, sargi is the food items which are to be eaten before the Sun rise in the morning as usually in between the 4-5 am. It might contain Feni, Kheer, Fruits, and Dry foods grown from the ground things. The Sargi is traditionally believed to be offered by the mother in law to her daughter in law but the same can also be offered by any elder lady in your family too. On this day, ladies don’t do any family work and invest energy with their companions and relatives. Parents also send blessings to their wedded daughters.

At night, the Puja function is held wherein just ladies participate. They dress themselves with new clothes and all makeup and traditional jewelry to perform the puja ceremony. The fasting ladies sit around with their all-around brightened puja thalis alongside beautifully decorated Karvas. Amid the trading of Puja thalis, the story of a Suhagan “Veeravati” is described by one of the women or a by the priest.

After conducting the puja in group or alone the married women need to seek the blessing of her elders in the house or anyone. After that the ladies  now has to wait for the moon to arrive and as the moon rises in the evening the ladies has to offer water which is called as Arg to the moon and conduct a puja by seeing the moon through the  channi(sieve) and then have to see her husband face through the channi. Then the women seek the blessing of her husband and this way she concludes her karva chauth fast. Thus follow the vrat vidhi mentioned above this karvachauth if you are not aware of the rituals.

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