Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj Stone

Yellow sapphire is a gem stone which represents the positive powers of planet Jupiter according to Vedic astrologic/Indian astrology. Jupiter is considered as the guru of all planets. This stone belongs to the family of corundum and is also a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. It is known as pukhraj stone in hindi. It is available in different colours yellow, orange, golden and even in colourless form which is known as white sapphire. The best of the gem stone is in lemon yellow colour. It is combination of aluminium, hydrovisil and florin. This gemstone is considered as a mineral. They are known for their extreme hardness next to diamond.

yellow sapphire stone, pukhraj stone

Who can wear yellow sapphire / pukhraj

According to Indian vedic astrology, the birthstones or the gem stones are recommended to people based on their stars and the sunsigns they belong to. It is very well-known that females who are facing obstacles in getting married should ware yellow sapphire to get over all the hurdles. Apart from that, it is said that those ascendants of signs that have Jupiter as their strength and in favouring place on the birth chart of vedic astrology can wear it. Mostly people who belong to Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces can wear according to the positions of the Jupiter in the houses of those ascendants. One can always consider an astrologer for details information about when to wear it.

Who should wear Yellow Sapphire?

Weight 1/12th of person’s body weight.
Color bright lemon or yellow color
Metal Gold and silver both work fine. Panchdhatu, platinum or white gold can also be used.
Finger Index finger of the working hand.
Day & Time Thursday, early morning time is best.
Pukhraj Mantra & Chanting Times Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah , ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः  (108 times)

Benefits of wearing yellow sapphire / pukhraj gemstone

Pukhraj is very popular and known as the most beneficial stone among navratnas. This gem stone is known as very good for academics. This stone gives you good health, wealth, wisdom, name and fame, and property. It also protects from evil spirits. Wearer of this stone gets the knowledge of law, ethics, wisdom, physical power and also mental peace and intelligence. It also said that this stone represents husband for married women and also all the joy of conjugal bliss.

How to wear yellow sapphire / pukhraj stone – best procedure

Out of improper knowledge people tend to wear yellow sapphire in a wrong way and lose all the benefits of the stone. Here is the correct and the best procedure to wear the stone.

  • Before wearing a yellow sapphire always make sure with a competent astrologer that the stone suits you.
  • After getting the consent from the astrologer, buy natural yellow sapphire from the trusted dealers only and also make sure that it weighs a minimum of 3.25 Carats. The benefits of the stone depend on its weight. Never chose a synthetic yellow sapphire as it is not original and will not have positive effects.
  • Once the stone is ready, now choose the metal to fix the stone. This stone can be used in a ring or a pendant. This stone is generally embedded with gold or silver metals which are also good for human body.
  • When fixing it with the metal, always make sure that the stone is fixed in such a way that the gem should touch the skin of the wearer.
  • After the stone is fixed in the metal, wear the metal on Thursday morning during dawn that too during shukla paksh i.e. time between full moon and no moon.
  • While wearing, don’t directly wear the stone. First on Thursday morning, take a yellow mat and a yellow cloth and some cow milk or holy water (ganga jal) and sit down facing north or northeast direction.
  • Now dip the stone in cow milk or holy water for over ten minutes to remove all the redundant negative energies from the stone.
  • After removing it from the milk, place it on the yellow cloth which has Jupiter yantra drawn on it.
  • Perform pooja for the stone by chanting “Om brim brihaspathaye namah om” mantra for 108 times.
  • Now adopt the ring on to your right hand index figure.
  • In general a yellow sapphire loses it power after 3 years. Hence after every 3 years stone should be changed.
  • Proper care should be taken in cleaning the stone as dust formed below the stone turns as an obstacle between skin and the stone and gradually it loses its touch which leads to less power. Hence proper cleaning should be done with the soft brush.
  • You need to take care of the breakage and scratches on the stone. Yellow sapphire should not get damaged otherwise it loses its power.

Which is the Best substitute for an Astrological Yellow Sapphire / Pukhraj Gemstone?

Even though the yellow sapphire is proven to be more power full and good look, due to its high cost people hesitate to buy it immediately. They start looking for the alternative stones. For such people who can’t afford a yellow sapphire, here is the astrological alternative for yellow sapphire. It is called as sunehla or golden/yellow topaz. This is considered as the best alternative as both the stones shares some similar properties.

Like yellow sapphire, sunehla also represents Jupiter. It is known as semi-precious stone. Sunehla rate 8 on Moh’s scale where yellow sapphire 9. Both the stones look similar in the color too but sunehla is darker than yellow sapphire.

Best Price of yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone

The price of natural yellow sapphire varies from 1300 to 200000 per carat. This variation depends upon the clarity of the stone and its color. The clarity of the stone is decided based on the astrological benefits. One can get natural yellow sapphire for reasonable prices only from the certified gem stores. One need to be careful while buying these stone. If you want to check its clarity you can go to gemology lab near to you and get your gem tested.

Which yellow sapphire should I buy?

Always choose the stone of top clarity which is unheated which is mostly available in Ceylon, Srilanka. Along with this, stones from Madagascar and Tanzania are also preferred for better results. Avoid yellow sapphire which is very light. Generally these light stones are available in Burma.

Where should I buy a natural yellow sapphire / pukhraj stone?

You can buy natural yellow sapphire from any certified gem stones near you or you can also get it through trusted online stores. But, you need to check it properly before purchasing the stone.

How to check the quality of yellow sapphire / pukhraj?

Gem stone quality is based on three characteristics. Its cut, inclusions and carat are three important characteristics of a stone that are to be checked for its quality. In general there are three ways a common man can check for the reality of the gem. They are:

  1. Compare the stone with a yellow glass. Most of the fake gems are made of yellow glass which is too bright than the real one. The real yellow sapphire will not be too bright and large.
  2. Original yellow sapphire stone will not have inclusions which are visible for a naked eye. Hence always check for the bubbles before buying gem. If bubbles exist, then it is not the original gem.
  3. As yellow sapphire is very hard to cut, its edges will be rough and sharp. Always check for the cut before buying. Gem made of glass will have smooth and rounded edges.

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